Over two-thirds of American women say they’re concerned about their weight and relationship with food

Are you one of them?

It’s time to break free from your battle with food forever, love your body, feel beautiful and finally ALIVE in your skin!

Here’s where you get a straight shot of sometimes brutal, but always compassionate, honesty. Because being fat will kill you. #sorrynotsorry

You’re tired of being stressed, freaking out and overall obsessing about your weight - you know you’ve got to do something, but what?

You’re sick of obsessively tracking and carefully monitoring EVERY. SINGLE. CRUMB…and still heading for the gummy bear stash at 2 p.m. (they’re “non-fat”, right?)

You’re exhausted from trying a hundred things with zero results - or pounds lost - to show for it…or worse, you do lose weight, then gain it all back again - and then some

You’re afraid your weight’s keeping you from enjoying your kids…your partner…your life, but not sure it’s even attainable for you

There’s no magic bullet to true health, happiness and wellness - in fact, the road can be pretty long and rough.

Being unhealthy is a vicious circle. You eat because you’re unhappy, then get depressed because you’re turning to food - the wrong kinds - for comfort. The pounds pile on, and it’s like some sick and twisted merry-go-round that leaves you feeling guilty, insecure and ready to throw in the proverbial towel.


But imagine…

Finally feeling in control over your lightning-paced life, having time for YOU and to breeeeeathe
Revealing what sends you face-first to food as a release for emotional pain, stress and anxiety - the hidden triggers and the ones right under your nose
Being fully supported in your weight loss goals so you actually follow-through and get results from someone who’s actually been there
Knowing what foods to eat…and the ones to steer clear of
Tuning into your body to understand why it feels the way it does
Saying screw the excuses and finally be stop-at-nothing motivated to make the changes you want
Getting your sexy back with TONS more energy (oooh, yes, yes, YES!)


I’m Raven. Not long ago, I was pushing 300 pounds.

I’ve been where you are now, and know exactly what you’re going through. And I’m here to tell you it can change…you just need a little help and direction with a heaping dose of support to get started.

I help amazing women like you get a handle on emotional eating once and for all, end the all-out throwdown and struggle with their weight, and bring a healthy balance back to their lives.

In short, I’ll help you get happy, healthy and WELL again. Because the sum of what you’re going through adds up to much more than simply overeating and overweight.


I get it. As women, we think we’re expected to do it all 24/7: take care of our family, hold down a career, and somehow have energy to burn at the end of the day.

But the reality is, we’re exhausted by 2, munching snacks and chugging coffee to get through until 5 (or 6 or 7…), then home to flop into bed completely exhausted, only to do it all again the next day.

I know your to-do list is as long as your arm every day. But it’s time to finally put YOU first and end the unhealthy, vicious rinse-and-repeat, imbalanced cycle holding you back. To uncover what’s holding you hostage and stuck in harmful beliefs, so you can start stepping out and feeling like the sexy, confident woman I know you are.

It’s time take charge of your life and get back to being healthy, vibrant and sexy. We can do it together.

Your journey is MORE than losing weight. It’s about gaining peace, wellness and health.

Here’s how I work:

There’s no one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter program here. You’ll have a fully customized, tricked-out action plan to help you achieve your unique needs and goals.

When we work together, you’ll:

Dig deep to unpack your emotional baggage, so you can understand and overcome the long held, harmful beliefs that trigger you

Learn how to set realistic and achievable goals, so you’ll always see progress and feel like you’re making headway toward life-long change

 Achieve the healthy body and weight you’ve always wanted - thinner isn’t always better (or healthier)

Learn how to live a truly fulfilled, blessed life you never knew was possible

Gain clarity and understanding of how your body, mind and spirit all work together for quality and enjoyment of life

Private, 1:1 VIP Coaching includes:

2 private 75-minute, face-to-face video or telephone sessions per month to get the support you need (or a dose of tough love), address your concerns and answer questions you have along the way

E-mail support in between sessions to help you stay strong, motivated, and focused on your goal - go ahead and send me your q’s, hiccups and hangups…I’m here to help

Access to exclusive VIP health tips, recipes, and educational resources to expand your knowledge - because knowledge is power

A personalized program to suit YOUR unique needs and wants - this goes deeper than weight loss. We look at your whole life, habits, mindset, and help you slay some dragons along the way

 Overcome your feelings that life just sucks, and understand how to reprogram your beliefs


My undivided, personal attention and commitment to your health, happiness and wellness. I’m in your corner when the going gets tough and the chips are down, and the first one in for celebratory high-fives and hugs for every limiting belief you smash and milestone you crush


Complete access to my Rejuvenate in 6 Weeks whole foods program to kick start your health and weight loss goals

When you work with me, you’ll get the results you’ve always wanted, but never thought - or believed - you could achieve.


Can I get a HELL YEAH?


No two clients will have the same experience, or get the same results. This is a built-for-you program and customized to your non-negotiable needs. We’ll get down and dirty right away to focus on the biggest pain points we need to work on first.


In bi-weekly 1:1 calls and with unlimited email access, you’ve got my head and heart locked and loaded for your success.

Because there’s nothing better than knowing someone who’s been there, done it (and then some) has your back. So you can stop trying to figure it all out on your own, and start working toward results.


Listen: I can’t guarantee you’ll have the size 4 body you’ve always wanted. But I can promise if you show up, do the work and stop at nothing, you’ll start believing in yourself again. And, actually feel ALIVE and beautiful in your skin - something you probably haven’t felt in a long, long time.


Ready for mind-blowing, pants-size-dropping results? Select the option below that’s right for you, and let’s get started.

Stop waiting for that “magic pill” - it’s your butt, move it.

Start changing your life today.

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