Many people feel that when they want to lose weight that bam! They just start and are ALL IN. 

The first few days go awesome…but then something happens. 

Their mindset changes.  

Things start to get hard.  

The cravings are worse than ever (hello Domino’s? I’d like an XL double pepperoni to go…) 

The sugar withdrawal (I just want to eat ALL the cake and candies!)… 

The lack of energy… 

And ohhhh, the headaches! 

That awesome new plan that was supposed to make them feel better only made them feel worse.  

So now they’re wondering, What the hell? 

And that’s why I see so many people ditch their plan to change their eating habits and get healthy. They start to experience symptoms from a radical change in what’s going into their bodies. These huge changes will be uncomfortable at first. And, if they’re not eating enough, then their energy will drag and they’ll be sluggish and headachy. 

So they quit. Which then starts what I call an emotional roller coaster.  

Emotionally and physically they’re caught up in this cycle of being “all in” one minute and then not. 

This on/off fluctuation sucks. And, it creates anxiety, depression plus other emotional distress when it comes to “changing their lives”. (So. Much. Pressure.) 

Their biggest problem? They’re looking at it as a “diet”. Which is exactly the wrong mindset.   

But what the diet “gurus” and experts aren’t telling you is: 

When you set out on the mission to change your life, it’s not something done on a whim or an overnight success.  

It’s done (and achieved) slowly and purposefully by making small changes every day.  

In other words, by setting yourself up for success instead of failure. And being patient. 

That way, when you get a taste of success - of winning - you want more of it, which creates momentum and drive.  

People crave winning. It’s something that’s built into our nature. And without seeing even just the smallest win, we tend to give up easily. 

The key for long term success, especially after years of not paying attention to the food you eat, is to plan. Change your mindset. 

Be ALL IN for the LONG HAUL and set yourself up for success from the start. Baby steps.  

Your weight didn’t balloon in a day or even a week. It won’t come off rapidly, either.  

The best plan is to make 1 or 2 changes a week, and build from there. 

What 2 changes can you make this week to get started? Pick two from the list below, or think of your own. But I want you to promise that you’ll stick to it. 

Some ideas are: 

  • Replace all soda with water. If you don’t like plain water, make it fancy by adding a squirt of lemon, or Lemon essential oil, lime, or lime essential oil, berries, and other fruits are great as well.
  • Instead of fries, make potato wedges at home.  This is fun and super easy.
  • Eat your burger without a bun.
  • Replace your nighttime snacks with healthy options: a piece of fruit, 100% applesauce, dried fruit (not too much!) or nuts…I love Almonds.
  • Rather than eating 3 big meals, split them into smaller ones throughout the day and eat 5 smaller meals.
  • Eat more veggies, sweet potatoes, yams and squash to keep you filled up longer.  If you are visual like me, make sure to cut them so they “LOOK” good.

What are you committing to changing this week? Share your 2 things in the comments below so I can support you!