Are you asking yourself, Maybe I should just buy the cheapest? Maybe I should go for it and buy the biggest?  Maybe buy one with this in it, maybe one with that in it? Maybe I should choose individual Oils…”AARGGHHH, I’m am so confused!” Well that is what I am here.  I am going to help you choose the right kit for you and your family so that you are no longer asking yourself what you should do and finally jump in and get using these amazing oils. I personally work with thousands of people and have people on my Team from all over the world!  I am speaking here from my personal experience with myself and others.  So you can rest assured you’re getting the best advice. Also take a look at my Getting Started with a Wholesale Account page as it outlines all the cost benefits and discounts you receive when opening a Wholesale Account (25-55% off retail prices).  Make sure to check out my Monthly Specials  page. So let’s take a look at the different doTERRA Enrollment Kits to get you started today!

Note: I am posting my personal Fav’s first but remember this is about YOU and your family so make sure to go with what is best for you!

Your Investment: $550 This is a great kit that covers a good range of the offered products. It includes the 10 most popular Single oils AND the more popular blends. You also receive an awesome diffuser for your oils, a 30 day supply of the Lifelong Vitality Supplements and the super awesome On Guard products for the house. Savings: Approximately $350 of FREE Benefits. Not only are you getting the Supplements and Diffuser for free (over $200 in value), you will also enjoy 100 points in product credit (that is approx. $100 value). You will also earn 15% off all future purchases in product points. For those wanting to do doTERRA as a business, I feel this is the most entry level kit to start. The savings you enjoy at this level is approximately 40% off of retail.

Your Investment: $275.  You also get a free diffuser with this kit which is over a $60 value. This kit replaces your bathroom cabinet and gives all the main oils to start with in the beginning.


Your Investment: $275 This power kit is filled with the essentials to promote lifelong health. This is the kit you should get if you are doing my Detox!

Your Investment: $150 Enroll with this kit to experience a variety of essential oils that can also be used for the AromaTouch Technique but is also so amazing for mood.


Your Investment: $245 Whether old or young, the Family Wellness Enrollment Kit is perfectly tailored to fit your family’s needs. I actually use this kit when I am traveling or on vacation because the bottles are smaller and easier to pack and carry.

Your Investment: $150 This is the basic introductory Sample Size kit that we has to offer. It is great for personal use and to start with.  This kit  contains 10 of my favorite, most trusted brands/ most popular oils, including both Single Oils and Blends.  If you are just starting out and want to sample a few oils on you and your family, then this is where to start—but I have to say, you will get a better bang for your buck with the Home Essentials Kit.

Your Investment: $1,825 Not quite at the same level as the Diamond Kit, but it is a winner! Just like the name of this kit suggests, it includes every oil in my trusted company’s product line, both Single Oils and Blends. This is a powerhouse pack that also comes with a fantastic carry bag and diffuser included. This is the most popular kit. Savings: Approximately $650 of FREE Benefits. When you order the Every Oil kit, you will also get 200 points in product credit (which equals approx. $200 value). You also earn 20% off all future purchases in product points. The savings you get from this kit equates to approximately 45% off of retail prices. So if you’re crazy about Oils, this would be an amazing choice!


Your Investment: $800 New Wellness Advocates who enroll with an Oil Sharing Kit (700 PV) and have a 100 PV Loyalty Rewards order the following month* will receive 100 loyalty points and start loyalty point accrual at 15 percent.

Your Investment: $2,500 If you’re serious about your Oil business this is the kit you want.  You won’t be wishing for more Oils as this kit has every product my trusted company makes, all in one awesome kit. Not only do you get all the Oils, you also get every other oil infused product in the line including the hair and facial line of products, the Spa product line, the Wellness and Weight Management products as well as the laundry and cleanse products.  Phew! Savings: Approximately $1,000 of  FREE Benefits.  You also get a bonus of 400 points in product credit (that equals a $400 value), and you will earn 25% off all of your future purchases in product points. That all equates to approximately 50% off of retail prices, so it is the best deal out there and you will not be caught without specific products for your Oil business!  This is my favorite and a very popular choice for the serious entrepreneurs out there.

OK so you should have a very good idea of which kit is best for you to get going! To get started with a Wholesale Account and to start saving 25-55% off retail prices, click here. That page will walk you through step by step on how to get started.  I hope you are excited and are ready to jump all in with me!  The getting started page outlines how you can contact me or just jump over to the Ask Raven Page.  I am so excited for you and look forward to talking with you very soon!

Love, Raven


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