My family loves when I apply essential oils on them becomes they’re calming & effective. Peppermint oil takes helps my husband’s minor head pain , diffusing with Breathe in addition to a hot detox bath with lavender oil helped him sweat it out ~ They supported his body! Diffusing Balance during the day helps lift my mood during my stressful moments. We’re just overall happy to finally be utilizing natural elements for our family.

Tara Graham

I love using doTERRA oils! My little one kept getting soreness in his throat and it kept getting worse. We used the essential oils for 3 days and she was feeling great and has been doing great since. There are so many uses for the oils. You just can’t go wrong using them, they support our bodies in so many ways.

Tessa Wilbourne

If you are looking for a detox program program that is easy to do and works, then you should definitely try Raven Zaal’s 14 day Detox. It is all-inclusive and packed with delicious recipes for each and every day. When I did this detox, my goal was to cleanse my system and I wasn’t even trying to lose any more weight. However, I still lost 2 more pounds and feel great! The smoothie recipes are one of my favorite  things from this program. I continue to use them regularly. My goal is to continue eating healthy and never turn back. Thanks Raven Zaal for helping me get and stay healthy!

Terrie Hess

I have quite a few stories of success, but one of my first few experiences stands  out the most. My 1 yr old daughter had been running a low grade temperature for part of the day and I decided to let it run it’s course and see if it went away on it’s own. It didn’t. It spiked to 102.6 that evening and I could tell she wasn’t feeling well. I remembered reading that peppermint supported our bodies in helping the temperature, so I applied 1 drop across her forehead. I took her temperature only 5 minutes later and it had already dropped to 101. 30 minutes later when I checked again it was gone. I laid her down for bed  and expected to hear her waking in the night, but to my surprise, she slept all night and still woke up fever free and happy. This has never happened before. I was just amazed! I could go on and on about other oils that have helped myself and my family, but trying them for yourself will make you a believer as well. 

Christine T

Working with Raven has been amazing! She is detail oriented. And passionate about her programs and oils. I would highly recommend working with Raven. She is full of knowledge and super sweet to work with.

Tami Anderson

The Feather & Ink

Raven has been such an influence on me since my adventure began with essential  oils.  She has always been a resource and is always willing to share her vast knowledge of the oils with any question no matter how trivial or “crazy” the question seemed. Her experience has been invaluable to me from assisting with  support for my husband’s special health concerns to blends that support my trials with rest and relaxation.  She uses the Internet through social media to teach us to  make soap, show us how to teach others and encourage her team to step outside our comfort zones in order to help others. Raven has taught me so much beginning  with my first lesson in compliance.  Her main focus is others.  She makes time to ensure others’ needs are met by modeling hard work and persistence.  In the time I have known her I see Raven as a roll model.  She is outgoing,  confident and a true leader.  I respect and cherish our friendship and her guidance.  

Linda Powell

I met Raven while attending an Essential Oils 101 class.  Instantly I was impressed by Raven’s passion, which filled the room.  It was apparent, while she taught the class, that she is a true expert with the oils and helping people evolve their life. Her experience is very powerful.  Shortly thereafter, I began my business with doTERRA and felt very confident with knowing I had Raven’s support.

Raven taught me from the beginning how to set my business up for success. She has given me guidance and tools to help me reach my goals.  Not only that, but she’s shown me how to use the tools.  I have done exactly what she’s told me to and it’s worked!  Her determination for me to reach my goals has driven me to do the things it takes to get there. She believed in me more than I did in myself, and that was very inspiring.

Raven has been my mentor within my business with doTERRA and I would highly recommend her as a coach/mentor. Her passion and belief in me is what motivated me to do more than I would have otherwise.  She is successful in her own business and the confidence she brings to the table is worth it’s weight in gold!  She sets standards and expects you to meet and exceed them.  This expectation is a driving force which propelled me beyond where I thought I might be today.  Raven is someone whom you bring your “A-Game” to.  I am grateful to have Raven as my mentor.

Sabrina Jean

I met Raven in an online Peloton Facebook group. I saw a post she had written to someone else in the group about essential oils and I responded to it. I was intrigued about what she said about using oils to help with muscle pain and help boost your emotions - especially as I had never really given essential oils much thought other than during massages. Raven asked me about my needs and sent me a few samples of oils that she thought would be good for my family and for me. We then spoke again about the benefits to the oils and what would work for my lifestyle. Raven walked me through all the products - and introduced me to the shampoos and conditioners as well as the skin products. She taught me how to use the DoTerra site and has helped me understand the benefits of the different oils in her ongoing Facebook group videos and posts. My whole home is filled with oils now and my kids apply them daily. I love the products and I feel very comfortable with Raven and trust her a lot. She has a huge heart and clearly cares a lot about what she does.

Michele Waldman

It has been a privilege know Raven. Her positive energy makes her a strong and fearless leader who has helped myself along with many others in learning about doTERRA and the benefits of incorporating essential oils in everyday life! She has helped many people and will continue to positively change lives with her expertise in educating others on the many great benefits of using high quality oils! I have thoroughly enjoyed the classes and training that she’s provided online, and came to know her as a truly valuable asset to any team. She is honest, passionate, and encouraging - a great team player who has so much to offer; she’s been an inspiration to many others with her first hand experience and expertise in oils and healthy living and is always eager to help others. Without a doubt, I believe that she has been a great asset to the doTERRA family and has positively influenced many people like myself in providing leadership and knowledge along with building friendships and long lasting bonds within her team.


In  the  summer  of  2015, I was searching Facebook for alternatives to burning candles and cleaning with natural products. I came to a DoTerra page and clicked on it to learn more. From that page a picture of Raven came up. She messaged me soon after I clicked on her picture and I soon had an unexpected friend.

After realizing Raven and I shared a quite unique experience, our friendship  formed over the computer. Both she and I have had tramatic brain injuries. From memory difficulties to unexpected anger issues, we’d both dealt with them. It was relieving to speak with someone who knew exactly the issues I have struggled with. She shared how the oils have helped her. Raven recommended oils that have helped her along the way and now that I am using them, I have grown to count on them. I find I am sleeping  better,  my  frustration  with  issues  out  of  my  control has greatly diminished and I experience a feeling of calmness after using particular oils.  Knowing I can count on something always is a welcomed relief to frustrations.

My husband and I were in the middle of building our new house when I met Raven over the computer.  Here in the new house, I wanted to break away from the store bought air fresheners. Namely candles. We had moved out of our old house and saw the damage 16 years of burning candles can do. The walls everywhere were a dingy white color and above where the candles burned, was a smokey, soot color.  In our new house, I wanted to start  fresh.  DoTerra came to my rescue. You can create and diffuse a scent all your own. No more sooty walls (or lungs, for that matter) in this home.

One year and a couple months after our meeting, Raven flew across the country  to  Seattle, Washington. While here, she taught a class at my house.  We went to The Pike Place Market and Raven shared oils with horses at my in law’s  farm. In fact, the one horse battling sinus discomfort enjoyed the peppermint oil Raven shared.   He enjoyed a bit of airway relief after being stuffy for days.

My son is experiencing a few patches of exima on his skin. I have found that  by  mixing DoTerra oils with coconut oil and Shea Butter the patches have begun to heal. His skin is very dry and the mix soothes the itch.  A welcome relief for a growing boy.

I have enjoyed experimenting the oils. It’s supporting a natural, chemical free way of living and am thankful for Raven and all of her help and support.

Katrina Schneider

I’ve been using doTERRA’s essential oils for over a year now, and I must say that I absolutely LOVE them. As a mother of three small children, they empower me to care for my family in a natural way – quickly, safely, and cheaper.  I’m glad that I have my oils as my first line of defense! Thank you for introducing me to such awesome products that I can count on!

Natasha Fields

My son used to suffer from upper respiratory issues  almost monthly. Every time I saw the least sign of drainage from his little nose, I knew it would turn yellow which would lead us to the doctor for the subsequent oral steroid, antibiotics, and nebulizer treatments. It was a lot for a 2-year-old to take, much  less all the missed time from work and daycare and the inevitable copays. It killed me having to just sit back and feel powerless, watching him feel bad and then only being able to make him better by fighting him to take the medication which I thought to be my only option at that time. My son is now 4 and we have not been back to the doctor for a visit even ONE time since doTERRA was introduced to my family almost 2 years ago! We are now able to incorporate essential oils into our routine and stop upper respiratory issues in the early stages before it develops into something more! At the first sign of drainage, I now rub diluted Breathe on my son’s  chest  and  back  and  on  the  bottoms  of  his  feet  several  times  a day, and diffuse it in whichever room he is spending his time. DoTERRA has been life-changing for my family! I feel so empowered when I apply essential oils to my  kids, knowing that they look forward to the routine and enjoy it and giggle, in contrast to the previous struggles, screams, and cries involved with trying to achieve a healthy state again. I love knowing that my kids are growing up learning how to try natural solutions first in a world with so many unsafe alternatives out there.

Laura Santos

I have been working with Raven in a variety of capacities for the last several months. I started talking with her about using essential oils. I soon realized what an expert she was with them. I started using them and the more I talked with her I realized she was a wealth of knowledge not only about essential oils but her passion to help others. I read her story and it really connected with me, as I was in the place she once was. I read that she was also a Certified Holistic Health and Life Coach, who works 1:1 with you. I realized this was something I needed and wanted to try. I started her Detox program which was amazing! I can’t begin to tell you how great I feel from that. This girl has it going on! The whole program is planned out for you with everything single thing you need to succeed. She is there

to help you through it each step of the way. Working 1:1 with her is great. She challenges me to do things I would not do and step out of my comfort zone. I am eating things I never thought I would and working through personal emotions and making life changes. She has personally been down this path and knows what you are feeling and going through and that is why I knew she was right for me. She truly cares about you and wants to empower everyone to take control of their life and be the best you can be.

I can’t say enough about Raven. She is extremely passionate and emotional  about  what she does and loves it! Her most important quality is that she always keeps herself updated with new information that becomes available.  She is organized,  efficient and extremely competent with excellent rapport with people of all ages.  Her communication skills are excellent. She is a credit to her chosen profession.

Its just amazing and informative to work with such a kind, loving and caring person. I look forward to where my journey takes me with her and the things I achieve because of her. Thank you Raven!

~ B ~