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“If you will live like no one else, later you can live like no one else.”

- Dave Ramsey

Are you sick and tired…of always being sick and tired?

Sick of spending your spare time stuck in traffic for hours, just to get to work at a job you hate that pays you peanuts?

Do you long to be your own boss, call your own shots, and set your own hours?

Do you dream of having limitless income and the potential for financial freedom?

I know what it feels like to be trapped in a life that doesn’t feel like yours, devoting hours to something you no longer care about, and feeling like you’re cornered in a “Groundhog Day”-style nightmare


 The good news is, there’s more to life than
what you’ve been living. I’m proof!


Being able to quit your 9-5 and be your OWN boss, setting your OWN hours, making your OWN money…

Having your OWN business and helping others feel incredible with life-changing experiences everyday…

Having the freedom to spend time on what’s important to YOU, like spending time with family or traveling without being anchored to a J-O-B!


So you’re ready to JUMP ALL IN and create a life-changing business that lets you:

Call your own shots, set your own schedule…

Spend your time where it counts (not commuting)…

And finally live the life you were meant to?

It’s about time!

Stop letting fear rule your thoughts and decisions,
and start creating the life full of freedom that you WANT.

I’m glad to see you here!

Having a business built around health, wellness and essential oils that impacts thousands of people every day and changes lives for the better 1 drop at a time is SO empowering.

It’s truly a blessing to get to do what I LOVE each and every day. I feel like I’ve found my life’s purpose, which is something money can’t buy.

And I’m excited to help you do the same.

Having your own essential oils business is about having time and financial freedom.

The freedom to:

Ditch the 9-5, traffic and commuting headaches

Earn a potentially limitless income - no more living paycheck to paycheck

Call your own shots instead of working to make someone else dreams, goals and visions come true

And so much more!


I wasn’t always this happy.

I did pretty much what everyone does: I went to school, got the degree (a Masters Business Administration specializing in Management AND Master of Educational Leadership, in case you’re wondering), worked the 9-5. *ugh!*

As an educator and teacher, I got sick and tired of all the political games and bureaucratic BS. I was actually spending my own money for class supplies because there was no funding (or they simply didn’t give them to us), and teaching kids “just enough” to pass a test.

I absolutely loved teaching and kids, but the soul-sucking political crap became too much. It was never about the kids, just always about how they could save money, including capping my salary and effectively limiting my way of life.

I KNEW there was more - I was meant for bigger things than this. I also knew I could still educate and empower people of all ages…but being a teacher just wasn’t the way for me anymore.


Are you ready to start living a kickass life?

When I discovered dōTERRA and the world of essential oils,
it was like a dream come true!

I started using essential oils because of ongoing issues that I needed help with from a fall. When I personally experienced the healing power of my own body, to say that I was ALL IN is putting it lightly!

Since then, I’ve been able to build a thriving, successful business that now lets me live the life I’d only ever dreamed of, and there’s only more to come! Today, I continue to build up, support and mentor others so they can live THEIR dream life too…and it’s AWESOME.

Look: This is no joke. Your dreams of the things you want in life - like travel, to pay for your children’s college and not have them worry about student loans, clear your own debts, give back to charity, and honestly just live financially free of the headaches and stress of money - it’s all in reach.

Did you know Money is the #1 reason for divorce? Argh!

It’s time to stop living with all that stress and worry and believe in yourself - because if I can do it so can YOU!

Becoming a Network Marketing Professional and doing something I love, believe in and is my true calling is the best decision I ever made. I’ve found my life’s purpose, and I’m a happier person because of it. Now I empower and mentor other women to do the same, so they can build an amazing business they’re proud of and passionate about.

It’s YOUR turn.

Are you DONE with someone else raising your kids?

Are you DONE with living paycheck to paycheck?

Are you DONE with punching a time clock for something that’s not even paying you what you’re worth…and that you don’t love?

Are you DONE with commuter chaos and wasting time - precious hours that you could be spending with your family - stuck in traffic?

Are you DONE slaving away long hours to make someone else’s dream come true?

…And READY to live a life of TRUE financial freedom - one where you call the shots?

Most people don’t have the guts to start and run their own business.

They simply fizzle out and pack it in, telling themselves they don’t have enough time, they can’t find customers, and an endless parade of other tired excuses.

But you know what? The women who succeed are the ones who want more, know they deserve more and aren’t going to stop until they have it. Because they know they’re worth it, and their families are worth it. They’re willing to bust their asses for a short period of time so they and their families can live the rest of their lives in true financial freedom, spending their time like they want to.

And dammit, doesn’t sitting on the beach drinking an ice cold margarita at noon sound soooo good?!

Are you ready to reach out and grab the life you deserve?

The typical time it takes to build the business of your dreams is 24-48 months. I’m not going to promise you overnight success. You may do it faster or it may take you a little longer. It’s all about how bad you want this new life, how strong your WHY is, and if you’re truly capable and 100% committed.

Come jump ALL IN with me because I promise I will support and guide you along the way - I’ll be part of your team and trusted business advisor. You won’t have to do it alone!


Stop letting fear rule your thoughts and decisions,
and start creating the life full of freedom that you WANT.

How do you know if you’re ready to create a kickass life?

You’re tired of the endless hamster wheel, mindlessly grinding out the day-to-day over and over (and over)

You want to make positives changes in your life, pronto

You’re ready for a change, but you need a trusted partner you can rely on for support and guidance

You’re ready to create your dream life, filled with limitless potential that reflects your true desires, beliefs and what lies deep down inside

You want to be surrounded by a team of people who will support you and keep you motivated, so you can fearlessly reach your goals

Most of all, you want to live a life you LOVE.

But, if you’re not ready to:

Work for yourself and OWN your results

Commit to your dreams or be honest with yourself

Take an active interest in the health and wellness of yourself or others

Be capable AND 100%, all-in committed to your success

Learn, grow and develop the skills you need to build a successful online business

…then you’re not ready to create a kickass life with me.

Life is short, and after almost losing mine last year, I treasure it each day.

Having the power in my hands to support my body and my family in so many amazing ways amazes me every day.

I want you to live an amazing, healthy life and jump ALL IN right now! You deserve to live your BEST life - a natural and healthy life - for you and your family.

Are you ready to start living a kickass life?

Both of these video’s really spoke to me when I first got started. 

I really had to change the way I thought because the way I thought at the time was not bringing me time and financial freedom. Mindset is everything:


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