Hey beautiful, are you craving:

Radiant, glowing skin that keeps the cosmetic industry out of your life (and wallet) - and makes people wonder what you’ve been up to…

⇢ Finally pulling out that Little Black Dress that’s been lurking in the back of your closet, lonely and abandoned (and maybe a little dusty)…

Breathless date nights (that’s your business)…

Boundless energy that just. doesn’t. stop - no caffeine required…

Sold results now - not “someday” - with a gentle nudge to help you stay on track…

Let me guess:

  You’ve tried diets and programs without anything close to the results you wanted

  You start a new eating plan, then part way in say, “Screw it!” and shelve your latest attempt at getting control of the unwanted weight

  You secretly raid the cookie jar when no one’s looking, then kick yourself for it

  You want a way to uncover hidden food sensitivities and allergies keeping you pudgy - without guesswork, Google or painful choices

  You’re looking for a pick-me-up that includes trips to grab a coffee or a sugary snack from the vending machine at 3 p.m.

The results you’ve been craving are just a click away…

And I can help you get them.

I’m Raven, AADP Certified Health and Life coach

with Health Coaching Certification earned at the Institute of integrative Nutrition, and I work with stressed, frustrated, guilt-ridden women like you who are finally ready to shelve their emotional eating issues and get their mojo back. And finally get results.

I’ll help you not just repair your body and reboot your energy, but rejuvenate your spirit with healthy, whole food.

And kick those food issues to the curb, permanently.

Together we’ll end:

Sugar cravings for keeps

That constant struggle to lose “the last few” pounds (and the BS you tell yourself as a result)

Confusion about what (and what not) to eat for lasting energy, radiant skin and ending the bloat that keeps you in stretchy pants instead of rockin’ your skinny jeans

Secret cupboard raids that feel ohhh-so-good at the time, but leave behind only guilt and crumbs

The current state of your little black dress, sadly relegated to the “someday” pile

I know how confusing it is to figure out what you should and shouldn’t be eating. One TV guru says “do this”, and another expert refutes it 5 minutes later.

I’m here to help eliminate information overwhelm and get you back on the road to glowing health and endless energy.


My own journey started
years ago.

I was pushing 300 pounds, seriously unhappy, and ready for a quick fix - any quick fix. I bounced from one to the next, and when I say I tried it all, I really did: Atkins, Weight Watchers, the Lemonade Diet, vitamin B shots, diet pills, starving myself (literally), and more.

Eventually, I decided the only way out of my depressed, overweight life was surgery.

And discovered even that didn’t solve my problem.

I realized there’s no “quick fix” or easy way out, and all those things I’d tried were nothing more than duct tape slapped over a much deeper problem.

I sought professional help that pointed out my unhealthy emotional relationship with food, and put me on a transformational journey to rediscover health, energy and happiness. I learned the importance of eating whole, healthy foods and their role in our energy levels, removing toxins from our bodies, and overall wellbeing.

I’m here to share this knowledge with you, with My Seasonal Detox.

You’ll learn to eat exactly what your body needs - not what someone else thinks it needs. Through the process of elimination, you’ll pinpoint the foods that work well for you, and those that don’t, plain and simple. And it’s easier than you think.

You deserve the right tools to rebuild optimal health in a safe and nourishing way (more than you deserve that chocolate bar you’ve been eyeing), which is why I created this 6-week detoxification program.

Unlike other programs, “detox” doesn’t mean starving yourself, or popping expensive pills.

The secret to this immune-boosting, energy-promoting detox is simple: whole foods. Which means you can kiss frequent colds, headaches, pesky midsection flab, sleepless nights, and the daily crash and burn buh-bye.

Detoxing at least 4 times a year will keep you healthy for a lifetime. This program makes it easy with complete recipes and a repeatable, step-by-step system to refresh and revitalize your body. And, to keep things fresh and interesting, the program is updated every season so you’re always at your best.

Why should you detox?

Wild Rose College of Natural Healing defines detoxing as “clearing out toxins and debris in your body that may be stopping you from having vitality.”

A detox focuses on releasing toxins your body absorbs every day through hidden interactions with metals, chemicals found in cleaning products, foods, drinks, and more.

Exposure to environmental toxins happens on a daily basis whether we like it or not, and is largely beyond our control.

Fancy powders and pills aren’t the answer - they just add to the problem. Whole foods that are rich in nutrients provide the detoxifying properties your body needs to rebuild itself and get rid of the crap. Literally.

Here are some of the results my clients get with this program:

Lose an average of 3-5 pounds in one week

Feel lighter, glow, and have tons of energy

Kick sugar cravings to the curb

Sleep like a baby, without waking up at 3 a.m. (or 2…or 1)

Decreased belly bloat (seeya, muffin top!)

A leaner body

Endless energy throughout the day

Increased body confidence

The realization that grocery shopping and healthy eating can actually be fun

This is your chance to repair, reboot, and rejuvenate your bod. So you feel better, nourish your physical and emotional being, and get your mojo back.

Here’s what’s included with your step-by-step detox program:

Seasonal Detox Guide: A step-by-step manual showing you exactly how to detox in a safe and natural way. No looking endlessly online or elsewhere for next steps

Recipe Guide: Packed with over 60 delicious recipes that will improve your digestion, decrease inflammation, and keep you feeling satisfied - no hunting for unhealthy snacks to quiet your rumbling tummy

Daily Email Support: Daily email inspiration from me to help you stay motivated and on-track

14-Days of Suggested Meals: Take the guesswork out of what’s for breakfast (or lunch or dinner) with pre-planned meals during your detox. When you don’t have to think about what to eat, it’s easier to reach your goals!

14-Days At a Glance: A daily overview of your entire detox, with easy-to-follow recipes to make your transformation easy and painless

A Shopping List: Make trips to the supermarket a no-brainer. Know exactly what you need to buy to make planning, preparing and cooking during your detox a breeze

Food Diary: More than just tracking what you eat, this amazing tool will help you monitor how you’re feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally throughout the program

These incredible bonuses are included with your detox program:

Private Facebook group to get support from an amazing, like-minded women on a mission

Handouts to support your transformation.

PLUS you get a BONUS 30-Minute Post-Detox Strategy Session with me when you schedule a strategy session with me within 14 days of purchasing your Detox.  You can schedule your strategy session here.

What makes this program different?


You’ve probably tried other diets and detox programs before with lackluster results. This unique program is different.

Let me explain.

It’s not a fad diet, so there’s no calorie counting, weighing and portioning foods, and no hunger. This approach is all about listening to your body. You eat when and how much you need to.

This easy-to-follow detox program is based on the elimination diet so you’re working with a tested and proven, three-pronged approach used by functional medicine doctors and world-class nutrition experts worldwide.

And, there aren’t any expensive pills or tasteless powders you need to buy to make it work. Absolutely everything you need for this detox can be found at your local grocery or health food store.


You’re ready to ditch the traditional diets and figure out what works for you and your body

You’re ready to say farewell to the muffin top that’s parked itself around your middle

You want to feel energized - not exhausted - all the time

You want to look and feel younger naturally

You want to jumpstart your metabolism, and enjoy a sultry date night strutting your stuff in that little black dress

You want to balance your blood sugar and kick cravings permanently

You want a program that fits into your busy life, with quick, easy tools & recipes that work but don’t require hours spent in the kitchen… this detox is what you’ve been craving.

Supercharge your detox results with Essential Oils

And, while not fundamental to your detox success, I’ve hand-selected 3 essential oils that will boost the cleansing and rejuvenating results of the program, and provide extra support when used in your everyday environment and personal care.

Essential oils have been known for centuries for their healing and therapeutic properties. Since they help reduce the number of harmful free radicals at the cellular level, essential oils have shown benefits when taken internally, used topically, inhaled (aromatherapy), and in personal care.

Essential Oils have been known to

Relax your body

Balance hormones

Improve digestion

Support the immune system

Reduce wrinkles

Be all-natural, safe and effective

Have antiseptic and antibacterial properties

Be ideal for use in toxin-free personal care products and cleaning

The Essential Oils I’ve personally chosen and use to enhance this detox program are pure and natural, with aromatic compounds carefully extracted from plants, so you can be sure of their natural origin.

They’re full-strength and free from fillers, artificial ingredients, contaminants, pesticides, or chemical residues that dilute effectiveness and may cause harmful reactions.

And, they’re rigorously tested to ensure you’re getting the purest, highest quality product available.

I made a personal decision a while ago to return to the ancient, restorative properties of essential oils to improve my own health with stunning results. I don’t dig chemicals, pesticides, or anything that can be toxic to my body and wellbeing, which is why I embrace the use of essential oils in my life - and encourage it in yours.

When you decide to supercharge your detox with essential oils, you’ll get:

The complete Essential Oil Detox Guide that outlines why essential oils are so effective, and exactly how to use them with your detox

The Essential Oil Recipe Guide for no-fail ideas to to make essential oils part of your everyday routine to boost your results

Welcome To The Oil Revolution EBook for valuable information about essential oils, their properties, and multiple uses

Plus, a bonus Orac Levels Handout to help you understand the antioxidant properties of essential oils, and how they help reduce the amount of harmful free radicals in your body from internal and external stressors

The 3 essential oils I personally use and recommend to knock out toxins and control harmful free radicals as part of this detox program are:



Cleanses and purifies the air and surfaces

Naturally cleanses the body and aids in digestion

Supports healthy respiratory function

Promotes a positive mood and cognitive ability

Helps ward off free radicals with its antioxidant benefits

Soothes an irritated throat




Is widely used for its calming and relaxing qualities

Soothes occasional skin irritations

Helps skin recover quickly

Eases muscle tension




Promotes healthy respiratory function and clear breathing

Alleviates occasional stomach upset

Promotes oral health (frequently used in toothpaste and chewing gum)


A slim, healthy body, and a vibrant, new, toxin-free you is just a click away.

Plus get a bonus 30-minute post-detox strategy session with me to help you transition smoothly and stick to your new, healthy lifestyle when your detox is finished and a little gift from me.

Invest in your vibrance and health today. Select your detox option below.