I am ready to choose me and screw the excuses!

Break the shackles of shame, embarrassment and the iron grip of sugar cravings

Bust out of feeling sick and tired…of being sick and tired

 Put a stranglehold on your cravings, and carve out new beliefs so you can lose the weight that’s been holding you hostage, kill the cravings, and love yourself again.

Get your sexy back, baby…

And truly build the life you were destined to.

It’s time to flip the middle finger to crappy mindset, self-talk and settling for second best.

Choose You, Screw Excuses is the ultimate solution for getting a handle on what’s eating you, so you can get a handle on what you’re eating.

I know that…

You’ve tried all the diets, fads, and detoxes, but don’t have much to show for it…in fact, maybe you’ve got more “junk in the trunk” now than you started with.

Your weight’s spiraled out of control. You feel crappy about how you look (sorry mom, we’re talking more than “big boned” here) so you eat. Then you kick yourself because of what you just ate.

You get stares and sideways glances, and tell yourself “Whatev” (but it still stings).

You’re hiding from life, avoiding living because you’re ashamed of your size.

I am ready to choose me and screw the excuses!

There’s no sugar-coating it, you’re overweight. And being fat will kill you.

It’s a vicious cycle that has to end.

You know it. You feel it.

But you have NO idea how to control, and plunk yourself in the driver’s seat.

You have a clear vision of where you are now, and the steps you need to take to get to where you want to go…

…But feel like your dreams are unattainable and completely out of reach.

You don’t desire to look like a Cosmo girl or expect to look like a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model - you’d settle for feeling like yourself again, and get a little (or a lot) of sexy back.

I hear you, loud and clear.

I am ready to take control of my life!

I’m Raven, and I was once like you.

Pushing 300 pounds, downing 32 oz. sodas at a time (sometimes 4 a day), and eating whatever the hell I wanted (oh, hellooo dessert!). People stared and called me fat…

Because I was.

And I was busy. I had 3 kids to look after, and a career. I put everything and everyone else ahead of me, my health, and my own well-being.

Worst of all, I was devastatingly unhappy. I tried losing the weight, but absolutely NOTHING worked. Believe me when I say I tried them all: Atkins, SlimFast, the latest trend - even lap band surgery

A coach and trusted confidant helped me dig deep and see that I was the one hurting myself. I was sabotaging my health by taking a back seat to everyone and everything important to me, and not making myself a priority.

And when momma ain’t happy, NOBODY’s happy.

I discovered that I had severe emotional eating issues. Which means, I loved food (like, LOVE loved it). I ate to cheer myself up. I ate to celebrate. I ate just because.

I ate. ALL. THE. TIME. 

My life seriously sucked. At times, I felt like I was suffocating.

I didn’t know what I needed, where to start or how, because I didn’t know ME.

Working with my coach, I was able to uncover the hurt, pain and shame that I’d stuffed way down, deep inside, and never faced.

I began to retrain my brain with new thoughts and beliefs about me, my body, and my damaging relationship with food.

I started to believe in ME again.

Once I got my mindset on the right track and identified the triggers that sent me diving head-first into a giant pepperoni pizza, my nutrition fell into place. I began to feel better, like my “old” self again…vibrant and sexy in my own skin

It was a tough journey, one I know I couldn’t have done alone. My coach helped me take the hardest step on the road back to getting ME back: the first one.

Because of my dramatic transformation and how freaking fantastic I felt, I made it my life’s mission to empower other women struggling with the same issue. In fact, I tossed aside TWO Masters’ Degrees and  became a Certified Holistic Health Coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Now, I get to pursue my passion and help others take their lives back, learn to love themselves again, and start putting themselves and their health first.

For them, for their families.

And start truly living life.

I created Choose You, Screw Excuses to help YOU get a handle on what’s eating you - the stuff you’ve crammed way down inside that makes you hate yourself and your life - so you can control what you eat.

And end the soul-sucking cycle of emotional eating…for good.

This simple, 6-week self-study program is different from any other clean eating or weight loss program.

It goes deeper than simply eating healthy,
because your problem is more than just what’s going in your mouth.

Choose You Screw Excuses walks you step-by-step through:

Reframing your beliefs and eradicating negative self-talk so you can see and appreciate your value
– Identifying the triggers that make you want to find comfort in food
– How to start eating healthy through proper planning and shopping
– Forming new, healthy habits to replace old, counterproductive ones
– Getting off your butt and moving your body in a way that’s best for you
– Changing how you think about food
– Uncovering your big WHY and setting realistic, sustainable goals you’ll stick to

Choose You Screw Excuses is the ultimate shake-down you need right now to wake up and start living the life you were meant to.

This program is about YOU. No one and nothing else. I took everything I knew from my years of struggle, tears and study, and packaged it up with love to help you banish your struggle with food.

Here’s how most diets go down:

You count calories, cut portions and feel hungry all day…then binge at dinner time

You monitor every little tidbit, crumb and morsel of food, then feel incredibly guilty if you slip

You drink smoothies or snack on celery sticks and peanut butter for weeks (bor-ing)

…only to find that the weight hasn’t budged, and that gallon of mint chocolate chip ice cream looks better than ever.

Choose You Screw Excuses is different. And here’s why:

1. We dig deep into your beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions so you can create favorable results

2. We figure out your WHY - what’s your gut telling you and what’s your bottom line, so when things get tough, you can point back to your why

3. We uncover the thoughts you’re holding onto that are keeping you stuck, and help you reprogram new ones that will allow you to become a more complete “you”

4. We walk you through the process of planning, shopping for and cooking healthy meals - you’re not left to fend for yourself trying to figure it all out

I am ready to choose me and screw the excuses!

You can’t heal your eating issues until you retrain your brain and create new beliefs about yourself and the food you eat.

And with the right step-by-step process, you’ll be able to:

Crush sugar cravings, and learn how to cook and eat healthy

Identify the triggers that make you want ALL. THE. CAKE.

Finally start to understand your full potential

Stop letting your weight and defeating beliefs hold you back from living life

Start moving your body, feel vibrant and sexy in your skin again

But most importantly,

Create a sustainable plan for YOUR SUCCESS so you can step into a life you truly love.

For years I resisted doing the work that needed to be done, even though I was unhappy, depressed and felt suffocated by my life.

I hid from life, thinking that if I was just a little thinner, things would be better.

I let my weight hold me back from stepping into my ideal life.

But the thing that changed it all was finally uncovering the pain, shame and fear that was holding me hostage…and keeping me overweight.

I know you think life sucks right now…but in just 6 weeks, you could:

▶ Ditch the junk food, snacks and trips to fast food joints

▶ Pinpoint the behaviors in others that drive you crazy (in the direction of the fridge)

▶ Lose weight, feel sexy and get your mojo back

▶ Stop heading for the cookies or ice cream when you’re upset, stressed or anxious

▶ Have enough energy to keep up with your kids and discover fun new things to do with your family

Start living life

4 myths that are keeping you from losing weight and living a healthy life RIGHT NOW:

1. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is hard. No, watching your family do all the fun stuff without you is hard. Eating healthy and adopting healthy habits isn’t hard. When it comes right down to it, this is a matter of life and death - you choose.

2. Dieting and going “fat-free” is the answer. Really? How’s that worked for you so far?

3. Thinner people have more willpower. Being thinner doesn’t mean healthy, and it definitely doesn’t mean more willpower. Everyone’s different, and just because someone’s thin, doesn’t mean they don’t have an unhealthy relationship with food.

4. Eating healthy is expensive. An investment in your long-term health and wellbeing is worth spending a few extra bucks on healthy foods. Plus, healthy foods are more nutrient-dense, which means you’ll fill up faster, and not get hungry as often.

Are you ready to learn more?

More importantly, are you ready to learn how to finally ditch the diets, fads and quick fixes so you can start living a vibrant life?

You can DO this, even if:

 You’re scared and unsure about how to start setting things right. This self-study program takes you by the hand and walks you through the process of digging deep, step-by-step

You don’t know anything about nutrition (I’ll guide you every inch of the way)

You’ve dealt with this crap your whole life, and aren’t sure there’s any other way to be (there is!)

You’ve got a super busy life (I was a single mom of 3 with a career - if I can do it, so can you!)

You’ve tried everything - and then some - to lose weight, but nothing’s ever worked

Choose You Screw Excuses is a SIMPLE, 6-week, multi-media self-study program to help you erase your emotional eating issues. Each week, a new lesson will be emailed to you that will have a video and downloadable worksheets, and your homework.

With Choose You Screw Excuses, you’ll get:

6 weeks of lesson videos, so you’ll be guided by me personally - just like my VIP coaching clients

Downloadable worksheets and pdfs you can use to make notes, plan your meals and more

Weekly homework assignments to keep you on track

A members-only, supportive community in our private Facebook group to interact with other amazing women on their own, similar journey

Healthy recipes and meal planning made easy that even the busiest supermom can handle

PLUS, if you purchase Choose You, Screw Excuses, you’ll get exclusive access to my Rejuvenate in 6 Weeks Clean Eating program for an extra level of support (a $297 value!). 

This exclusive bonus perfectly complements Choose You, Screw Excuses, and will help you:

Shimmy effortlessly back into those faded skinny jeans and confidently strut your stuff around town

Have the energy to walk the dog, go for a run or spend quality time with your family - even after a crazy, jam-packed day of work BS, wall-to-wall meetings, angry customers, and traffic chaos

Not have to rely on caffeine and sugar just to get through your day, and…

Eat healthy - for LIFE - without EVER counting another calorie!

This is how it all goes down…

Week 1: Getting to the REAL reason(s) you’re overweight

This is where the REAL work is done. You’ll be digging deep to uncover what’s really going on with you (here’s a hint: it’s not food). We’ll take you from sick and tired of being sick and tired, to stepping up and taking charge of your life, ready to create your own success.

Uncovering feelings, negative self-talk. You’ll be journalling and taking note of what’s going on in your head so you can begin changing your beliefs and patterns. Be raw and brutally honest with yourself about what happens when your husband doesn’t want to have sex or people stare at you when you’re shopping at the mall. This stuff hurts, and you need to acknowledge it before you can clear it.

Extreme Pantry Makeover where you’ll overhaul what’s in your fridge, freezer and cupboards, so you can make room for healthy foods. Because, when the crappy stuff isn’t there, you won’t be tempted to eat it.

Week 2: Your WHY

We’ll expand on the work you did in week 1, and get down n’ dirty with WHY you’re ready for this giant step. Why are you DONE with being overweight?

This emotionally-charged phase is where you’ll be setting your bottom line and committing to the outcome you desire. Your WHY needs to be strong enough to keep you in the game.

Week 3: Creating your vision, shaping your life

Face it: your weight’s holding you back from doing things you’ve been saying you don’t want to do…but secretly you’re dying inside. We’ll help you ditch the “If I was thinner, I could…” mentality and change your mindset.

You’ll also learn how to plan, shop for and prepare healthy meals. As with most things worth doing, preparation is key.

Week 4: Identify your Villains & Move your A$$

Your villains - what triggers you - is the stuff that sends you scrounging for sweets, every time. We’ll dive into how you can create healthy boundaries for yourself, so you can control or eliminate the triggers from your life. This is no cakewalk, we’re talking about actual people and circumstances here that you’ll have to decide whether you want them to continue controlling your health or not.

We’ll also help you eradicate food myths, like “fat makes you fat”, and other common misconceptions.

You’ll learn how to start moving your body in a way that’s right for you and f-u-n. And, how to “stay on your own treadmill” and not worry about what the chick next to you thinks or how she looks.

Week 5: Think - and eat - like a Champion

Eating healthy doesn’t come naturally to champion athletes - they have to be mindful of what’s going into their bodies every day.

In this week, you’ll learn how to replace unproductive and potentially harmful habits with new, healthier options (just like elite athletes learn to do), and reveal your superpower: The ability to control what goes in your mouth.

You’ll also learn how to make over your favorite recipes - fun that the whole family can get in on, so you can involve your family in your journey.

Week 6: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” (Neale Donald Walsch)

This is where you learn to FLY, and discover your adventurous side. You’ll create your plan for long-term success, and make your commitment for the long-haul.

You’ll also learn how to reward yourself for hard-won successes, with and without food, and how to treat yourself right.

Choose You, Screw Excuses is a real food “system” that you can use even if you:

  • Haven’t been able to get results with anything else
  • Don’t know where to begin with eating clean and healthy
  • Have never exercised in your life
  • Don’t think you have emotional eating issues, but just can’t shake the weight

Choose You, Screw Excuses is the program I wish I had access to YEARS ago.

Now, I’m proud to introduce it to you.

Choose You, Screw Excuses gives you all the tools you need to lay the foundation for long-term success, while taking you by the hand to guide you through a life-changing experience.

But let me be upfront with you: this program won’t work for everyone.

I ONLY want you in Choose You, Screw Excuses if:

You’re sick and tired of being sick and tired and damn ready to get your mojo back

You’re ready to work hard and dig deep, and not wimp out when things get tough

You’re not expecting overnight results or to lose “10 pounds in 10 days”. The weight didn’t pile on overnight, it’s not going to disappear that quickly either.

You want to find YOU again, and start truly living life

You want to feel sexy and vibrant again

But, if:

You’re happy with the state you’re in

You’re not willing to do the hard work

You’re not ready to part with your junk food, snacks and fast food fixes

You just don’t care about the stares, the health risks, and things you can’t do because of your weight

…then you won’t get the results you crave from Choose You, Screw Excuses.

You deserve to live a life you love. To stop hiding and avoiding life because of your weight.

And I’m confident that with my guidance, and a supportive, loving community of women on their own transformational journey, you can DO this.

I believe in YOU!

Enroll in Choose You, Screw Excuses NOW, and get exclusive access to Rejuvenate in 6 Weeks - a clean eating program that helps take the guesswork out of eating healthy, a $297 value!

Take control of your health, wellbeing and LIFE today. End the soul-sucking cycle of emotional eating…for good.

I am ready to choose me and screw the excuses!