Control sugar instead of sugar controlling you!

Take control of your weight and health once and for all? Kick your cravings to the curb?


I work with struggling women like you who are sick and tired of letting food run and ruin their lives…


And who are finally sick of the bullshit excuses, and brave enough to do something about it. Not tomorrow or the next day. RIGHT NOW. The ones who will commit to making lasting change in their lives for them and their family.

Do you:

Chow down when you’re not really hungry?

Declare open season on your fridge when you’re sad, mad, bored, or anxious?

Tell yourself you “deserve it” a little (or a lot) too often?

Feel like you’re the one that got stuffed - not the turkey - when you’re done eating?

Gobble up or binge on junk food when you’re supposed to be munching on healthy snacks and feel guilty after?



If you answered “yes” to any of these…or suspect you’re dangling dangerously close to it, I’m glad you’re here.



I know you’re tired of the shit stories you keep telling yourself. We all do it.

But now it’s time to get real. Put an end to the endless stories and tall tales you keep blaming for your expanding muffin-top.

“The ones on replay that keep telling you that you can’t DO something or BE the person you want to be until you lose weight. Like fit into “normal clothes”, wear regular shoes instead of slopping around in broken-down Crocks all day.  Or run around with your kids without gasping for breath.  OR slink around in a strappy black dress.  Hell, even sunbathe naked on a Caribbean shore”.

But no matter how much you starve, skip meals, diet and deprive yourself, nothing’s working.

It seems like the harder you try, the worse things get. When you’re supposed to be snacking on almond butter and apples, you’re devouring chips and dip. Instead of veggies and Tahini, it’s gummies and soda.

You know there’s something wrong - deeper than just overeating - but you just can’t figure it out.

Let’s cut the crap, dig deep and change that, pronto.


I’m Raven, and I work with women like you.

The ones that are sick, tired, exhausted and exasperated from diet hopping and just. NOT. LOSING. WEIGHT. Who can’t seem to get a handle on what they put in their mouth…that ends up on their belly, hips, and thighs, draining their self-esteem, energy and health.

The ones who FINALLY want to do something permanent about it. So they can live a confident, fulfilling life away from the stares, unkind remarks, tent-dresses and stretchy pants.



Get control over your food once and for all,
rather than having it call the shots.



I don’t look anything today like I did years ago - you might not even believe it’s the same person in the photos.

Aside from the fact that I lost the equivalent in weight of another adult (no divorce joke here - I really did weigh almost 300 lbs), a lot’s happened since then. Like you, I was frustrated, disappointed and just plain tired of not getting results - it didn’t matter what I tried.

Even lap band surgery wasn’t the magic solution I was hoping for.

My self-esteem sucked, I was overweight, always tired, and exhausted from trying to figure it all out.

I discovered I was an emotional eater. I ate to relieve stress, give me comfort, and to celebrate everything. I ate when I didn’t need to, mindlessly munching throughout the day.

And I felt powerless, much like you probably do right now.

With help, once I identified the root of the problem I learned to recognize harmful eating patterns and do something about them.

Deep mindset work paired with smart, healthy eating and changes in my environment resulted in finally getting control over my harmful habits.


And, well – you can see the results for yourself.

My weight’s under control, I feel fabulous, and (if I say so myself) look fantastic in a strappy little black dress.


Truth is, once YOU see that the power to change is within you, you’ll be able to overcome your poisonous habits and transform not just your body, but your life.

I’m not gonna lie: there’s no quick-fix. But, if you’re committed to making lasting changes for health, vitality, and getting your mojo back, I’m your girl.

I empower women like you to:

 Choose YOU - screw the excuses

 Eat clean (and love it) with an exciting new approach to mealtime

 Break the emotional eating cycle and regain self-control

 Get their mojo back and strut their stuff (naked Caribbean sunbathing included)

 Find themselves again - the real you is in there, hiding out, waiting to be unveiled

 Learn how the use of essential oils in your diet and environment can greatly improve health

You’re not alone. It’s time to choose you - screw the excuses.


It’s time to ditch the crap and bust through what’s holding you back, and finally take control of your life.


And, if you’re ready to kick the excuses (and all the crap holding you back) in the ass, I can help - with a little tough love, and a heaping dose of compassion.

I’ve always got your back.